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Personalized AI Shopping Assistant

Pashas is the Personalized Shopping assistant for your  customers. It proactively understand and analyze your customer needs to provide ultra personalized guidance expertise and product recommendations that fits their every needs.

Increased Conversion Rate

Boost your conversion rates by directing your visitors' attention to products that truly fit their needs in a personalized and engaging way.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Make you customers feel valued and understood. Build lasting relationship with your customers by offering ultra personalized experiences that exceed expectations.

Invaluable Market Data Gathering

Harness insightful data from every customer interaction, transforming it into actionable intelligence that propels market innovation and strengthens customer retention.

Boost your income with only 2 in every 1000  that convert !

With an AOV of $30, only 0.2% of your conversations need to convert to boost your income, create 998  awesome customer interactions and gathers priceless customer insights.

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Risk-Free 30 Days A/B Test  

If you find that our service hasn't delivered any value to you within 30 days, you only have to delete the App from your shop. No hassle, no questions !

No Implementation, No Set-Up, No Maintenance

We are deeply integrated with Shopify, any changes happening to your data on Shopify is taken into account. Our conversations with your customers are always relevant and you don't have to care about anything else.

Product Details

Up-to-date details about your products, including availability, specifications, and pricing, to answer customer inquiries accurately.

Promotions and Programs

Pashas knows your active promotions and suggests them at just the right moment, turning browsers into buyers.

Effortless Integration for Immediate Impact

Implementing Pashas is as premium as the experience it offers. Seamlessly integrate with Shopify in just 5 minutes—no complicated setup, just immediate enhancement to your online presence.

Install the App on your shop and choose a plan.
Simply describe your brand values, give your agent a name and customize the color to integrate pashas seamlessly in your shop.

Risk-Free 30 Days A/B Test !